The Cambrian Campaign Concludes Successfully

2 min readApr 9, 2024


In the past few weeks, the MYX community embarked on an unprecedented journey in its history — the “Cambrian” campaign. As the first phase of the MYX Project Origin, this campaign not only marked a significant step taken together by the project and the community but also showcased the true meaning of community strength.

The MYX team is now excited to share with everyone the achievements of this phase and our outlook for the future.

Cambrian Campaign Recap

The first phase of the Project Origin, “Cambrian,” kicked off on March 4th at 13:00 UTC and concluded on April 4th at 13:00 UTC.
A total of 25,500,000 MYX tokens were distributed to community members through retrospective airdrops for BMYX and Shells, as well as incentive airdrops for MYX mainnet products.


Here, we want to highlight several key achievements we accomplished together:

  • Total Transactions: The number of transactions during the MYX Cambrian campaign reached 560K, a result of the collective effort and participation of MYX community members.
  • Surge in Trading Volume: During the campaign, the total trading volume hit a milestone of 10 billion, marking a historic moment for the MYX project.
  • Fleet Formation: A total of 56 fleets were established during this campaign, accounting for 20% of the total trading volume, demonstrating the exceptional spirit of cooperation and organizational skills among MYX community members.
  • MPM Mechanism Validation: This campaign successfully validated our unique MPM mechanism’s capital efficiency, achieving up to 60x and confirming MYX’s market appeal as a third-generation DDEX.

Sybil Attack Measures

To protect the interests of genuine users, MYX will conduct a witch hunt, revoking the airdrop eligibility of bots detected in mass registration and banning later stages, reallocating their tokens to other community members.

The Power of the Community

The success of the “Cambrian” campaign is attributed to the active participation and selfless contributions of every community member.

The creativity, passion, and effort of many community members have propelled MYX’s rapid development. We firmly believe in the power of the community to lead MYX to an even brighter future.


Lastly, we want to extend my deepest gratitude to all community members who participated in the “Cambrian” campaign. Your support, enthusiasm, and trust have made MYX a vibrant and potential-filled protocol. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, to co-create the future of MYX.

Thank you for your reading and support. Let us all look forward to the next chapter of the MYX Project Origin.