MYX Project Origin — Ordovician Phase Three Evolution Launch

3 min readApr 24, 2024


The MYX Project Origin Ordovician Phase 2 — Alliance Phase has been successfully completed, with the concerted efforts of fleet captains and their members, the ecosystem migration has been successful.
Now, we are entering Phase 3 — Evolution. In this phase, we will expand the airdrop scale, distributing a total of 6 million tokens.

Event start time: April 25th at 5:00 UTC.
The deadline for the event is set for May 15th at 13:00 UTC.
In this event, we will also introduce a special way to obtain gems — holding rewards.

1. Gem Acquisition Rules:

  • Trading Gems: For every 10U of trading volume, participants earn 1 Gem, with no cap on the number of Gems that can be earned.
  • MLP Dynamic Gems: The number of Gems awarded will dynamically adjust based on the previous day’s trading volume.
  • Holding rewards:Receive 142 gems for every 10,000 USDC position held. Snapshot taken every hour for gem rewards.
    For example: At 1:59, holding 10,000 USDC, a snapshot taken at 2:00 will earn you 142 gems.

2. Coefficient Bonus Rules:

  • Users who join or form a fleet enjoy a 10% bonus on Gems.
  • Holders of MYX’s OAT tokens enjoy a 10% Gem bonus.
  • Participants of the Cambrian Campaign or shell holders enjoy a 10% Gem bonus.
  • These bonuses also apply to the BMYX incentive plan.

3. Ordovician BMYX Incentive Plan:

  • Participants are required to bind their BMYX on the official website beforehand.
  • The BMYX snapshot will be taken every Wednesday at 13:00 UTC. There will be 3 snapshots in this phase, and bonuses will be based on the final average holdings.
  • At the conclusion of the campaign, the MYX token airdrop will be based on the average holding amount from past snapshots, with each BMYX holder receiving 0.03 MYX tokens per BMYX held.

Bound addresses cannot be changed. If you need to modify it for special reasons, please open a ticket in Discord, or transfer your Bmyx to a new address and rebind.

BMYX Coefficient Bonus Rules

4. Fleet Rewards

MYX invites Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to create their own Fleets to secure more benefits, with rewards escalating with the Fleet’s level. Fleet members will also enjoy an additional up to 20% in gems bonuses, as detailed below:

Fleet Rules:

  • Fleet captains will create their ships on the official page.
  • The maximum number of members per fleet is 50, and each address can only join one fleet.
  • Any non-captain user can join a fleet by entering the captain’s invitation code on the MYX fleet page. Once joined, it is not possible to leave the current fleet.
  • The fleet’s level is determined by the highest tier of total trading volume and total LP staking.
  • Fleet Captain’s gem rewards will be settled daily at 16:00 UTC.

5. Ordovician Settlement Rules

Happy trading!

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